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Matej Anzin

Matej Anzin

he / him
Seattle, United States


Matej grew up in Communist Yugoslavia where classical and impressionistic art thrived. As the country split by war Matej and his family lived in Slovenia, one of the six republics of Yugoslavia. 

Matej started expressing himself through drawing and painting at an early age. He loved to be active with his hands.  At the age of 10, his father died and the war in Yugoslavia soon followed. Due to the encouragement and support from his mom he continued to grow as an artist during his teenage years and beyond. The art was on one hand his refuge and on the other hand a luxury that his family could barely afford. He spent days and nights drawing portraits and learning about perspective through classical masters' work. He became a scholar of Slovenian impressionists. After a few local workshops he decided to attend a very prestige school for design and photography in Ljubljana where he graduated from the Industrial Design program. Fascinated by the famous Slovenian impressionists he started his own journey of impressionism.
His adventure began at the age of 23 when he decided to leave Europe seeking an opportunity to share his gifts and inspire humanity. After quite a few tumultuous years in Los Angeles and other cities he finally found stable ground, his inspiration was refreshed. As a constant observer of life he found a brand new way to express his views, his understanding of socio-political issues, and the ways of the universe. Because of that, his painting style expanded to modern and abstract art.

Artist Statement

Nothing  inspires  me  more  than  gratitude  for  life  that  for   me  personally  stems  from  the  struggle  between  light  and   darkness  within.  The  conflict  that  causes  friction,  yet  at   the  same  time  assures  the  balance  between  the  two   opposites,  is  so  fascinating  to  my  person  that  I  notice  it   daily  in  various  forms  and  shapes.  I  take  pride  in   capturing  the  finest  moment  in  the  battle  where  darkness   meets its sculptor.

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