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Kierstan Craft

Kierstan Craft

she / them
Seattle, United States


Spending years traveling and displaying art in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and California, Kierstan finally settled in Seattle in 2014. Kierstan has a BA in studio art and religious studies from Florida State University. Having been fascinated by astrology and the occult she focuses her art in this realm. With high contrasting pieces, and unique use of color she does not let any part of her imagination be held back.

Artist Statement

I enjoy focusing on mythology and astrology to guide my pieces. The stories have always fascinated me, and if I can inspire someone through my art to want to read the stories I am portraying then I have achieved my goal. I enjoy mixing mediums, so you will see a lot of watercolor and acrylic through my art, as well as an excessive amount of gold leaf. Gilding my pieces in gold has been the highlight of my experience. I encourage fans to reach out and give me their favorite gods, goddess, and mythology to paint!

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