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Kelly Hart

Kelly Hart

She / Her
Seattle, United States


Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Kelly has lived in the Northwestern US since 1993. She graduated with a BFA in Studio Art (photo and digital imaging emphasis) from the University of Idaho, and an MFA in Photography from the University of Montana, in Missoula where she lived for 20 years. She relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2019 and now lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Her current work, while abstract in nature, is based entirely on digital photographs taken while on various adventures primarily in the PNW. She enjoys exploring big cities, small towns and all of the natural places in-between.

Artist Statement

My current work is about place and pattern, color and collecting, technology and time. I tend to obsessively collect images (with camera or phone) wherever I go and look for similarities and differences between places to create a visual dialog - whether that means abstracting and stacking wide angle landscapes of the West, capturing the color of a town through its many surfaces then reducing its textures and shapes to more digestible patterns, or internally attempting to resolve the conflict of pixelizing nature. (There's a strange kind of guilt that comes with translating an incredible hike in the Chuckanut Forest into pixels on monitor.)
I often work to convey a simplified, beautified sense of location, such as in the Places series. Other work, such as the Circling pieces, are more abstract in concept and as much about unreality and the state of things, as in the reality of forced waiting that we've all had to deal with for the last few years. In my not-sure-where-it's-going-yet series, Chunks, I am experimenting with pattern, color, technology as I think about NFTs and digital manipulation - the weird virtual/realities, of our time. My Project Management series follows a similar bent - it's more about the process than the output. Completed in 2021 the work is about doing, producing and creating for the sake of doing something.

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