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Jessika Kearns

Jessika Kearns

she / her
Port Angeles, United States


Jessika Kearns was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She grew up in a multi-generational, multi-racial household full of artwork, ranging from old photographs to scenes inspired by classical literature to Southeast Alaskan paintings and carvings. She realized at an early age the power of visual art to communicate stories, across time and cultural boundaries - without the limitations of a shared language.

Jessika began her college coursework in studio art, specifically drawing and sculpture, and ultimately earned a degree in Art History - what felt like a marriage between the visual arts and the traditions of storytelling that so deeply inspired her.

After working briefly in a gallery and starting her family, Jessika returned to fine art as an outlet, a form of autonomy, and a way of communicating emotions that were at times difficult to voice. Inspired by nature, storytelling, and the tying together of  traditional and contemporary concepts, Jessika's work is always imbued with bits of her soul and a search for connection beyond the seeming differences that are drawn between us.

Artist Statement

I am driven by storytelling, a deep connection to Nature and the past, and the intersections that bring us all together. My art is deeply introspective and seeks to express and evoke themes of permanence/ impermanence, identity, and often simply what it is to be - to navigate circumstances and the various tangents and epics that life sets before us.
I grew up in a house full of artwork that told stories. There were religious works, old photographs of unnamed ghosts of our family line, depictions of Classical mythology, and odes to the natural world and our heritage as Southeast Alaskan Natives. All around me, the walls and the shelves told stories. Where the words were never shared, images and my imagination filled in the blanks to create a story of my own.
As a woman in the opening throes of early motherhood, at a certain point I realized that the Mother had come forward with strength and joy, but all other parts of myself were withering at the wayside. Beginning with a reluctance to throw away paint left after my toddler's experiments, I began to find my path again to art in the quiet moments of naps and bedtime. A push from a young cousin, who reminded me so much of my younger self, I kept on that path and feel that I've found my way home. Home to stories. Home to visuals. Home to openly express myselfin a studio. Home to explore all sides of myself. My art takes shape currently in pen and ink, oil, and watercolor - whatever suits the work at hand, or even just whatever was closest to my hand at the time. My art practice serves as a place to heal, to discover, to learn, to explore, and to touch a chord in similar souls.
I find inspiration everywhere - in a book, a poem, a movie, a shadow, a vignette, a vista. I've intentionally have carved out a life that feels inspiring and is slow enough to be able to take notice - and to find art in the quiet moments and the spaces in between.

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