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Jayashree Krishnan

Jayashree Krishnan

she / her
Seattle, United States


Jayashree is a Mathematician turned artist. Her current work explores the interstitial space between ancient language, art, and mathematics. With focus on where form emerges from words. Her aim is to bring the experience of mathematical beauty and words onto canvas. Her previous body of work includes a collection of 200 portraits of healthcare workers around the world who dealt with the pandemic.

Artist Statement

The art started as an exploration, something I turned to as a child to calm myself down. It later became an obsession when I noticed it brought joy to others.
I hope what I sound like when I am my authentic self is what I feel very deeply. That sense of peace, wonder and appreciation of beauty of this thing we call life.
My art echoes it. My hope is that you, the viewer, experience it too. My art aims at evoking feelings from life’s moments; both big and small. It invites you to question and reflect upon your connection with both the world around you and the one within.

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