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Deric Ch'ng

Deric Ch'ng

he / him
London, United Kingdom


Deric Ch’ng has always fascinating in urban landscape and cityscape.
He is a self taught artist wh came from Malaysia but now living in UK.
In 2006, after he finished his architecture study at University of
Lincoln. Deric moved to London. Relocating to capital enabling him to
eplore popular architecture scenes in his own way and translate his
perspectives onto the canvas. He always use acrylic as a medium to
transform his creative idea onto canvas. Cityscapes, urbanity and
architecture have formed powerful and meaningful images to his
painting. His works now has been collected in private collection from
United Kingdom, United States and Europe.

Artist Statement

Contemporary, vibrant and detailed...

As an artist I have always thought of myself as a tourist in London. Around every corner there is so much to see. It is like opening a treasure chest for me. The city is like a layer cake of architectural styles spanning centuries and combining old with contemporary next to each other, which I am still in awe and inspiration off.

Living in London I prefer to paint cityscapes rather than the countryside. Leave the pastoral scenes to the great masters and city scenes to urban based artists.

When I moved to the UK I studied Architecture at the University of Lincoln. I have always had a keen interest in architecture both historical and contemporary.

Hindsight does not necessarily lead to a greater wisdom. I still make mistakes; life is a learning process whether you are 20 or 80.

On reflection I have been fortunate getting a distinction degree in architecture and practices in the architecture firms. This gave me a good foundation in the principles of art and now I am transferring those skills into being a freelance artist.

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