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Alan White

Alan White

he / him / his
London, United Kingdom


Born in Wales and brought up in England. A career as a graphic designer for over 30 years enabled him to live in UK, Japan, USA and Canada. Alan's passion for graphic design, colour and texture are incorporated in a variety elements culminating in an “urban” style, both in printmaking – linocuts, monoprints and combinations of the two – and in his acrylic paintings (primarily dogs and Canadian wildlife) on canvas and paper.

Artist Statement

Self-taught, the “urban” style of his work often includes mixed media elements, most often using torn paper backgrounds in his acrylic work. After concentrating initially on mixed media cityscapes, his move to northern Canada in November 2013, led his work in a new direction relating to the region’s impressive wildlife.
Now, having moved back to Britain, his focus is primarily man’s best friend, the dog. Passionate about dogs, he works on an ongoing collection on paper and canvas entitled “Walkies” – some including the legs of owners alongside their dogs, many in the form of dog portraits. While living in Canada his work was exhibited in Ottawa, British Columbia and Alberta in both solo shows and group exhibits.

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